Air Sealing

When most people think of home performance upgrades for their home here in the greater Nashville area, like Columbia, Murfreesboro, or Hermitage, they think of adding insulation. But while insulation is undoubtedly important for the energy efficiency and comfort of your home, it’s only one piece of the puzzle.

Air sealing your home with the experts at Home Energy Professionals will:

  • Reduces indoor drafts

  • Keep out pollen, dust, and dirt and other air pollutants

  • Lower heating and cooling costs

  • Lead to higher comfort levels and more even indoor temperatures

  • Improve the effectiveness of many kinds of insulation

Why Does My Home Need Air Sealing?

Whether it’s due to imperfect construction, normal wear and tear, or renovations and home improvement work, it’s likely your home has a number of very small cracks, gaps, and air leaks. These leaks allow air to move in and out of your house, wasting energy and increasing the amount of moisture and air pollutants that can get into your home.

Identifying Air Leaks Starts with a Home Energy Audit

Rising energy bills, drafty rooms, and indoor air quality issues are all signs that your home could use air sealing. But the best way to definitively identify the location and severity of the air leaks in your home is with a home energy audit.

Audits, among other things, test for air leakage in your home using a blower door test. This test measures the total amount of air leakage your home has, and can even pinpoint where exactly leaks are occurring. Using the results of your blower door test and your overall audit, we will recommend where your home could benefit from air sealing and any other home performance improvement work, like:

Quality Air Sealing and Home Protection for Middle Tennessee

Using spray foam insulation, our team of home performance and HVAC experts can seal up the air leaks in your home, creating an effective barrier against air movement, moisture, and even sound, leaving you with a healthier, more comfortable, more energy efficient, and quieter home.

Keep outdoor air and air pollutants where they belong: outside. Call or contact us today to find out if your home could be improved with air sealing services.

Improve comfort and lower energy costs.

Air sealing your home can help!