Heat Pumps & Ductless Mini-Splits

Keeping Middle Tennessee homes comfortable year-round while maintaining affordable energy bills can be challenging. Luckily, energy efficient solutions exist—heat pump technology gives homeowners the ability to upgrade to one single heating and cooling solution that delivers comfort and energy savings, any season of the year.

The Benefits of Heat Pumps & Mini-Splits

  • Heating and Cooling Settings

  • Ultra Efficient Operation

  • Lower Energy Bills

  • Ductless Options Available

  • Versatile and Customizable

Heat pumps work by transferring heat, instead of generating it. This allows them to achieve much higher efficiency levels than other HVAC systems, meaning you’ll pay less for comfort. In fact, heat pumps produce several times more energy than they require to operate, while even the most efficient furnace available can only approach 100% efficiency.

In the summer, heat pumps extract heat from indoor air and transfer it outside, keeping your home in Nashville, Brentwood, or Columbia nice and cool. In the winter, the process is reversed—your heat pumps pull heat from ambient outdoor air (even when it’s cold) inside to keep your home warm.

High Quality HVAC Systems From Well Known Brands

We’ll help you choose between two main types of air source heat pumps—ducted and ductless—for the best solution for your home.

Ducted heat pumps from Trane and Goodman connect directly to your central ductwork and deliver conditioned air throughout your house.

Ductless models, often called ductless mini-splits, or mini-split heat pumps, don’t need ductwork or vents to operate. Air handlers are installed directly in the rooms or areas that you want to target, giving you ultimate control over your comfort.

Mini-splits usually complement an existing central air HVAC system. Home Energy Professionals relies on the industry-leading technology of Mitsubishi Electric mini-splits to help homeowners with:

  • Additions or bonus rooms without duct access

  • Garage workshops

  • Areas your current HVAC system has trouble keeping comfortable

  • Families with different comfort preferences

Expert Heat Pump & Mini-Split Installation

As a one-source home energy company that specializes in not only HVAC but insulation and home performance as well, Home Energy Professionals takes your entire house into consideration when making improvements and upgrades. Not only will you receive quality mini-split and heat pump installation, but we work hard to ensure that you’re left satisfied with your comfort and energy savings after we leave.

Hear directly from our customers about their experiences working with our team on our testimonials page, and reach out to your team to find out if ductless mini splits or ducted heat pumps can solve the comfort or energy issues in your home.

Upgrade to the year-round energy savings of heat pump and mini split technology today. Call or contact us today to learn more.

Save money and get customizable comfort.

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