Crawlspace Encapsulation

How do I keep my home energy efficient? 

Why is it so expensive to run my heater in the winter?

What do I need to do to keep my home warmer in the winter or cooler in the summer?

I have replaced my windows and my house is still cold. What can I do?

When many people update their homes to increase energy efficiency, the first things they fix are the ones they can see. What about the spaces they can’t see? Crawlspaces, attics, and basements should be a priority. 


What is a crawl space?

Many homes have spaces under the home approximately 1-3 feet between the foundation (or slab) and the main structure. These crawl spaces can collect moisture and impact your home’s energy use and the air quality. For energy efficiency and prevention of mold and mildew, these spaces should be properly maintained. 


How can Home Energy Professionals help?

Crawlspace encapsulation can seal problem areas and clean, remove, or replace underperforming or dirty insulation.


How do I know if I have a crawlspace or if it needs to be updated? 

Consider these questions: 

Do you have trouble keeping your house warm?

Are your floors always cold in the winter?

Have you noticed an increase in my heating/cooling bills?

Do you feel like you are running the heating/air more often to be comfortable?


If you answer any of these questions with “yes,” your home should be checked by Home Energy Professionals. Our crawl space encapsulation not only evaluates your needs, but is a comprehensive overhaul of your basement or crawlspace. 


More than just insulation

Many issues affecting your Nashville, Belle Mead, or Columbia home can start in your crawlspace or basement, including:

  • Moisture and mold-like fungal growth

  • High humidity

  • Cold floors

  • Poor indoor air quality 

  • Rising energy bills

  • Low comfort

Not only do many unhealthy air issues begin in the lowest parts of your home, where dust, dirt, and moisture can collect and insects, rodents, and other animals can nest, but it can also be a primary source of home performance problems and energy loss in your home, where heat and air travel most freely between the inside and outside of your house. 


What do we do? 

Crawl space encapsulation - ground wall
Crawl Space 2

Encapsulation is a comprehensive overhaul of your basement or crawlspace, including:

  1. Remove/replace underperforming or dirty insulation

  2. Spray foam insulation to slow heat and air transfer

  3. Vapor barrier installation as added protection against odors and moisture

  4. Dehumidifier installation to ensure the area stays dry 


Schedule a Home Energy Audit for Your Tennessee Home Today

What can Home Energy Professionals do to help you? They can check and seal attic doors, put in ventilation, check and update windows, fully examine basements and crawl spaces to improve energy efficiency.

  • seal attic doors

  • put in ventilation

  • making sure windows are energy efficient

  • basements


The right way to start any home improvement upgrade is to confirm the actual problem with the help of a home energy audit. Audits are a detailed inspection of how your house is currently performing, and reveal what upgrades are needed and where. Using the results of your audit, a qualified technician from Home Energy Professionals will review the findings and provide our recommendations on what steps should be taken to maximize your investment in your home, including:

  • Insulation

  • Air sealing

  • Duct sealing

Keeping homes energy efficient begins with evaluating your needs. Especially in places where temperatures can be extreme, making sure your house is properly taken care of can save you money.


Most people think of vents and windows, but crawl spaces need to be maintained for ultimate efficiency and health. 


Insulation in attics, basements, and crawl spaces should also be examined to ensure that they are functional and safe. Whether dirty, old, or missing insulation, these issues can lead to long term problems with air quality, mold, mildew, or rodent problems if not checked regularly.


Whether the problem you’re facing in your home is a comfort issue or frustrations over the cost to keep your home comfortable every year, the experts at Home Energy Professionals can find a solution for you.


Crawlspace encapsulation helps keep your entire home more comfortable, healthier, and more energy efficient. Call or contact us to find out if your home could benefit.


Reduce moisture and mold-like growth in your home.

Find out if crawlspace encapsulation is right for you.