Home Energy Audits

In a Whole House Energy Audit, the first step is a Home Energy Consultation.

We will discuss specific concerns that you have about your home and your energy consumption. We will examine some of your past utility bills, to help us find potential energy problem areas in your home. We will go over the services that we provided, helping you to understand how we can make your home energy efficient.

The next step in a Whole House Energy Audit, is the audit itself. A BPI certified specialist will use the latest technology and equipment to gather information about your home’s energy use. This is a comprehensive energy audit of your home. We will use specialized equipment, for example, blower door testing, infrared thermal imaging and combustion analysis, to pinpoint your energy use. The audit will take between 2 to 4 hours to complete. Here are some of the items covered in the audit.

Annual Energy Bill for a typical Single Family Home

A Whole House Energy Audit is comprised of several steps:

  1. A thorough visual inspection of the home.
  2. An inspection of the insulation: using infrared thermal imaging, we are able to see where insulation may have settled, been improperly installed, or is completely missing.
  3. An air leakage test: using a blower door and duct leakage test, we are able to find air leaks in your home, causing you to lose energy.
  4. A ventilation inspection: a healthy home must have appropriate the ventilation. We will check to make sure your home conforms to safety standards and that it is healthy environment for your family to live in.
  5. A Combustion analysis: includes an inspection of visible gas lines, carbon monoxide levels, and a combustion efficiency test on gas appliance.
  6. HVAC system evaluation: inspects the efficiency of your HVAC system to determine if it needs a simple tune-up or a high-efficient system replacement.
  7. Finally, an inspection of some the major appliances: appliances can be inefficient, and cause a drain on your home’s energy needs.

We will use this information to create a Home Energy Improvement Plan. This plan will help you understand why your home is losing energy and what can be done about it. The specialist will go through the plan with you, explaining our recommendations for improving these areas. This will include a generated account of savings, and possible tax rebates that are available for these recommendations.

After the improvements from the Home Energy Improvement Plan have been made, we will conduct a Conformation Audit. This is to ensure that all of the improvements were made correctly and are functioning properly. We will go over any user-integrated features with to make sure you know how they work and to properly operate them.

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